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Entire Staff at Stagecoach Trails Guest RanchHowdy Folks! Now you can meet our "ranch family" so you know what faces to look for when you arrive!  The ranch staff is here to do everything and anything they can to make your ranch stay as enjoyable and memorable as it can possibly be. Here they are:

Staff Members :
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Your Owners and Hosts:
Dan & Carrie Rynders
Dan and Carrie Rynders - Owners of Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch Dan makes sure the ranch is always running smoothly by handling all of the maintenance and landscaping work on the property. He is often seen on his backhoe taking care of things.  Carrie is the "face of the ranch" and coordinates the entire horseback riding program, visits with guests, organizes activities, makes the desserts and helps serve meals, along anything else that can make your stay at the ranch more enjoyable.  She also loves to go out on trail rides with the guests whenever she can.  Just ask her!
Katie Broadhead We would like to welcome back Katie Broadhead to our ranch family.  Katie has worked with horses all of her life.  She is excited to be at the ranch again and looks forward to seeing many familiar faces as well as many new ones!  Katie especially loves kids.  She will take great care of all you and looks forward to providing you with lots of memories, both on and off the trail.
Tex Westmoreland Wrangler-Tex has been riding horses all his life and has lots of knowledge about horses, riding and the desert.  He loves sharing all kinds of stories while out on the trails and is full of fun antics both on the trail and in the dining room.  He lives at the ranch with his wife Jenny and their 2 kids, Levi and Shelby.
Cody Breen & Clyde Wrangler-Cody has also been riding horses all of his (young!) life.  He also has lots of riding knowledge and grew up in Arizona so he knows a lot about the area too. 
Jenny, Levi and Shelby Westmoreland  (and Tex) Jenny does all of the housekeeping and helps in the kitchen also. She is married to Tex.  Levi who is 13 and Shelby who is 11 also help where needed.  Shelby is available for babysitting (for a reasonable fee) in case parents of small children want to enjoy an adult ride while they are here.  Ask for details!
Randy Smith
(with his sister Carrie and their mom, Eddie)
Randy is Carrie's brother and he makes all of the delicious meals our guests get to enjoy while they are here.  He is responsible for tight pants and guests complaining they put on weight during their stay!  Randy is full of jokes and is often found bantering with Carrie!
Amy Rynders Amy is Dan and Carrie's daughter and is the inspiration for the ranch. You will see her buzzing around in her wheelchair wherever the action is. She sometimes participates in arena riding with our other "special" guests.  She is the ranch supervisor and makes sure that all the staff is doing their job.
Allan Terry   Allan is our "all-around" guy.  You will see him "all around the ranch" doing whatever is needed, whenever it is needed.  He greets the guests when they arrive and is often found in the kitchen making sure all those dishes you eat off of are clean!  He will also take out rides when needed or help out whenever something needs to be done.  Everyone loves Allan because he's always smiling.

Jeremy, Jodi, Sophie, & Aubrey Rynders

Jeremy is Dan & Carrie's son.  His wife Jodi and their daughters, Sophie and Aubrey, have moved back to the family's home state of Wisconsin back in 2008 after living at the ranch since it was built.  Although they do not live at the ranch, Jodi still handles all of the accounting and reservations by phone and email while Jeremy still handles the website for the ranch. FYI - When you call our 866-444-4471 it rings through to Jodi based in WI (central time).
JoAnn Pellerito   JoAnn is our massage therapist.  She has providing our guests with wonderful massages since we opened.  Everyone loves JoAnn and she is often referred to as the "miracle worker" when she works those tired muscles after a day in the saddle.  Ask Jodi for details if you want to book a massage with JoAnn during your stay.  She is available most weekends and some weekdays. 
Tony, Vicki, Raygen and Weston Just Vicki is Dan and Carrie's daughter.  Her family used to live and work at the ranch.  They moved back to WI in January 2013 but have been a huge part of the ranch operations over the years.
"Tux" Tux is our Border Collie who we've had since the ranch opened its doors.  He turned 13 this summer and has lost his hearing now. Although he is still loved by many, his stick fetching days are over.  He spends most of his time sleeping and just hanging out.
"Opey" Opey is a Golden Retriever and is 7 yrs old.   He loves to play with kids and go on trail rides.  He follows Amy around in her wheelchair as well as Dan and Carrie.
Wiley Wiley (named after the cartoon Wiley Coyote) is our lovable Cavalier King Charles and is 2 yrs old.  He is often up in Dan and Carrie's house because left unattended he likes to wander and at only 18lbs, Carrie doesn't want a real coyote to get him!
"Ozzie"  the cat  Ozzie , is our resident cat.  He often stays up in Dan and Carrie's house but will shine around once in awhile, much to our guests' delight.  He is very friendly and loves people.
 Edie, our pygmie goat and We have 3 goats at the ranch - Edie was born here and has been with us since April 2003.  The other 2 arrived a few years ago after Edie's sister died.  They are friendly but are also known to head butt guests when they enter their pen so be careful!

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